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Court 4 Usage UPDATED 10-1-18  

With the new divider curtains between courts 2 & 3 (thank you, Scott!) pickleball now has top priority on court 4.  If pickleball players are waiting, lessons shift to court 3 with top priority there, & tennis play shifts to another court. 

Exception: club-sponsored tennis tournaments override all other uses.

 We added PICKLEBALL in 2017, based on our members' survey and court utilization study in 2016.  We're sharing the 4th court across pickleball, lessons, ball machine, and tennis.  Read our Club Operating Rules for all the details!  No reservations - just check the Events Calendar then come!  We have 2 pickleball courts and we supply paddles and balls.

Unlimited pickleball is included in the full club membership, but if you wish to only play pickleball, you'll find an application near the bottom of the Membership page.

It takes 2 people to move the light pickleball net so please move the net from court-side onto the court when you arrive and grab the box of paddles & balls from the shed.  If no other pickleball players are waiting, please move the net back to the side & store the paddles & balls in the shed when you leave.

Court 4 Usage Grid 2019:

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